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Download NowDownload the beta version now...and free yourself from Spam!

Now you can stop junk e-mail, a.k.a. spam, from cluttering up your inbox. SpamMotel's unique patent-pending technology lets you know exactly where the sender got your e-mail address, and lets you block all e-mail from that sender with just a click of your mouse. It also blocks e-mail from anyone the sender gave, or more likely sold, your e-mail address to.

Unlike other e-mail programs, SpamMotel does not rely on filters. Instead, we give you rock-solid control that filters and other methods simply cannot provide.

SpamMotel works with your existing e-mail program. There is no need to change your current e-mail account; and because it is web-based, there is nothing to install on your computer. When you download the SpamMotel User Interface and place it on your desktop, it is ready to go. Fast, free, and easy.

At last! Gain complete control of your e-mail address!

Use SpamMotel whenever you are required to give out your e-mail address on the internet. Ideal when signing onto chat rooms, making online purchases, filling out any online forms that request an e-mail address.

Because you retain complete control of your address, there is no need to "un-subscribe" or "opt out" of mailing lists. No need to set up complicated filters. No more reading through lengthy and confusing privacy statements.
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What It Does

When you click on the SpamMotel icon on your desktop, a box pops up that lets you type a reminder note to remind you why and to whom the e-mail address is being given. SpamMotel then records this reminder note, and logs the date and time.

As soon as our server has recorded this information (almost instantly), it creates a special e-mail address for you to give out instead of your real one. Simply paste this special address into whatever field requires it. You're all set; you don't need to do anything else.

You can review all the reminder notes you've created on a special Log Page that we give you. Reminder notes can be sorted, searched, and even edited.
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Now for the really neat stuff!

Whenever the sender (or spammer) sends you e-mail, it is forwarded to your regular e-mail address....along with your reminder note and other useful information, which appears at the top of the e-mail.

We tell you when the special address was created. How many e-mails you've received from that sender. The date that the sender last sent you e-mail.

But just knowing this information is not enough. So we give you the power to stop spam sent to any of these special addresses.

This is done through the Log Page, where you can delete any of the special addresses you've given out. You can also suspend and resume forwarding for each address at any time.

For more details and more features, see the FAQ section. SpamMotel is the one essential e-mail application you've got to have.

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