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Q: What is SpamMotel?
A: SpamMotel is an internet-based program that lets you give out an e-mail address without the worry of it being misused or sold. It prevents junk e-mail, a.k.a. spam. more

Q: Does SpamMotel have other uses?
A: Yes. It is also a great tool to help you organize the e-mail that you do want to receive.

Q: Does all my e-mail get forwarded from SpamMotel?
A: No, only e-mail from senders to whom you have given a SpamMotel-created address.

Q: Is it compatible with all types of e-mail programs?
A: Yes. SpamMotel works with all types of e-mail programs including stand-alone programs like Eudora and Outlook, and web-based e-mail programs such as Hotmail, YahooMail, ExciteMail, etc.

It also works with all types of internet access providers, including AOL, Earthlink, Compuserve, as well as cable modems and DSL modems.

Q: What is the SpamMotel User Interface?
A: The Interface is a very small downloadable file that makes SpamMotel easy and convenient to use. We strongly recommend that you download and use the Interface, although totally web-based access is possible.

Q: You state that there is no installation required, yet I am still asked to download something?
A: The file that you download, the SpamMotel User Interface, is a completely self-contained program. It does not get installed on your computer, and therefor makes no changes to your system. Clicking on the file icon after you have downloaded it is all it takes to use it. [see the question below]

Q: How do I "un-install" it?
A: Delete it. That is all you need to do

Q: What operating systems does it work on?
A: Currently, the SpamMotel User Interface works with Windows, and there are plans for future releases for Mac and Linux, among others. The online mode works on any computer that has internet access.
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Q: Won't replying to e-mails reveal my real e-mail address?
A: No, we take care of that. When you hit the reply button in your regular e-mail program, the reply gets sent back to our servers, where we remove identifying information such as your true e-mail address, before sending the reply onwards to the original sender.

Q: What about replies that include the original message?
A: Good point. We place the reminder note and other information at the top of e-mails you receive. If you have your e-mail program set to include the original message in your replies, we recommend that you remove the SpamMotel information when replying.

Actually, we try to take care of this too, but e-mail programs vary so much that, to be on the safe side, just erase that stuff. Or set your e-mail program to not include the original message in replies.

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Other Topics

Q: I see a choice for "fwd, spam, urgent, custom". What is that?
A: This is an important feature. The choice you mention regards what word or words get placed at the beginning of the subject line. Usually, the subject line is put in by the sender, such as: "Special One Time Offer", or whatever the sender - or spammer - wants.

But with SpamMotel you get to put text in front of that. Not only is this "interesting", but very useful. Firstly, it will always be there, and the sender cannot do anything about it. Secondly, you can use this special text to label incoming mail by category. By creating folders and filters in your regular e-mail program, you can send incoming e-mail precisely where you want to.

During replies, we remove this extra subject line text.

Q: On my log page, how, and why, do I use filters?
A: Unlike your regular e-mail program, SpamMotel filters work on the specific e-mail address you give out, making their use much easier. If you receive spam from someone other than the person you gave that address to, but still wish to receive e-mails from the original sender, use the filter setting. The spammer won't get through, even if he changes his own address information.

Q: On the Options page, what is the Validation setting?
A: If you have several e-mail accounts, all forwarding into the same place, you may not be able to tell which SpamMotel account they came through. The Validation Option lets you add a word or two to the information we send you, so you can tell one account from the other. This way you will know which log page to go to if you want to make changes. We recommend that you do not use your real e-mail address for this text.

Q. Is there a way to start SpamMotel without minimizing my browser window first?
A. Yes, and it only takes a minute to set up. If the SpamMotel icon is on your desktop, first move it to your main directory, usually your C drive. (open Windows Explorer on your computer so that you can still see part of your desktop, and drag the SpamMotel icon over to the C drive icon).

Next, scroll down in Explorer until you locate the SpamMotel program you just placed on your C drive, right click on it, and select 'copy'. Next, right click anywhere on your desktop and select 'paste shortcut'.

Now that you have a shortcut to SpamMotel on your desktop, you will be able to set a key combination to activate SpamMotel whenever you want. Simply Right click on the desktop SpamMotel icon, select properties, and you will see a place to enter a 'Shortcut key' combination like Control/Alt/5, etc.
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